Wine and vinegar products for fermentation, filtration, fining and stabilization. Biotechnologies (yeasts, bacteria, enzymes) applied to food & beverage industry. Hygiene and disinfection for wine and vinegar production plants.
Complete range of certified Organic products for producing wines according to the Reg. 203/2012.
Fervens™ Green

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (ex r.f. bayanus) is extremely versatile and can adapt to various fermentation conditions

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Lisem™ Green

Yeast hulls for the rehydration and yeast nutrition during the whole fermentation process

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Complex nutrient for the alcoholic fermentation. Brings ammoniac and amino acid nitrogen, vitamin B1, cellulose and yeast hulls.

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Délite Green

Gum Arabic solution to improve colloidal stability of wines and to improve their sensory characteristics.

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Gelatine soluble in hot water for flotation techniques, to treat pressed wine and for young red wines. Suitable for the final touches on young vintage wines

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Fish isinglass for the fining and clarification of white and rose wines and for the finishing touches on super premium red wines

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