Wine and vinegar products for fermentation, filtration, fining and stabilization. Biotechnologies (yeasts, bacteria, enzymes) applied to food & beverage industry. Hygiene and disinfection for wine and vinegar production plants.
Enodoc™ is a complete line of specific yeast and bacteria, exclusively made by Danstar Ferment for Dal Cin Group.
Enodoc™ BA-02

“Blanc aromatic”. Induces fruity smells in wines, especially when they are poor of primary flavours.

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Enodoc™ BM-04

“Blanc mousseaux”. Specific for re-fermentations (sparkling wines) with high alcohol resistance.

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Enodoc™ BV-03

“Blanc varietal”. Enhances primary flavours of wines, maintaining their main characteristics. Good for Chardonnay, Riesling, Muscats, Sauvignon.

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Enodoc™ FA-01

“Fermentation assurée”. Quick and safe fermentation, even in very difficult conditions.

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Enodoc™ RG-12

“Rouge de garde”. Terrific strain to achieve great results with red wine fermentations, especially to preserve flavours and colour even after long ageing (3-10 years). High resistance to alcohol.

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Enodoc™ RJ-11

“Rouge jeunes”. Good strain for fermentation of red wines destined to short ageing or ready to drink. It enhances aroma and flavours of red berry fruits in young red wines.

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Enodoc TD3

Torulaspora delbrueckii for aromatic and complex white and red wines, with increased mouthfeel.

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