Wine and vinegar products for fermentation, filtration, fining and stabilization. Biotechnologies (yeasts, bacteria, enzymes) applied to food & beverage industry. Hygiene and disinfection for wine and vinegar production plants.
Enhance wine’s profile during alcoholic fermentation.
Lifty Bloom

Enhancer for white and rosé wines. It gives freshness and aromatic cleanliness, enhances floral and fruity notes.

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Lifty Fresh

Enhancer for white, red and rosé wines. Clean aromas, reduced herbaceous notes, increase in sapidity in the mouthfeel.

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Lifty Fruity

Enhancer for red and rosé wines. Increases red fruit notes and mouthfeel complexity, aids colour stability.

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Lifty Sense

Improver to be used at the beginning of the alcoholic fermentation in order to optimize the fermentation environment and release antioxidant and characterizing components.

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Lisem™ GLU

Product against oxidative ageing, based on inactivated yeast.

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