Wine and vinegar products for fermentation, filtration, fining and stabilization. Biotechnologies (yeasts, bacteria, enzymes) applied to food & beverage industry. Hygiene and disinfection for wine and vinegar production plants.
At each winemaking opportunity it is possible to find the yeast that best suits the grape variety, grape quality, winery practices, winemaker's inspiration and that can offer an excellent base on which to satisfy the wine market demands.
Fervens™ Brio

A specific yeast for one of the most requested categories of wines: pleasant easy to drink sparkling wines. Guarantees longevity, intensity and elegance in the wines.

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Fervens™ PRO6

For sparkling wines with strong aromas of fruits and flowers and an interesting cleanliness both of smell and of taste.

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Fervens™ SLB

Saccharomyces bayanus for pure fermentation. Very active, especially for re-fermentations (sparkling wines).

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