Dal Cin develops and markets its own specialities for a wide range of uses, with a focus on industrial consumption, in particular:
• natural calcium Bentonite and sodium activated Bentonite for multiple uses.
Filter materials for solid-liquid separation in the "oil" and "industrial filtration".
Agrospecialities with low environmental impact.
Dal Cin have been dealing with agrochemical products since the end of the Seventies with great success on many crops, grape, fruit plants and vegetables.

Nowadays the products that Dal Cin manufactures for agriculture are not more called "phytosanitary products" but they are "low environmental impact" products.
In fact, they are a mixture of active ingredients in activated bentonite, natural material of mineral source that shows strong physical properties: it is so dehydrating and adhesive that it can absorbe the active ingredient and set it free on the fruits and on the leaves gradually.
SolfobentonTMBentonite and sulphites salts with a strong dehydrating and healing action for harvested wine grapes.  depliant  
BiobentonSpecial bentonite ("enhancer of the natural defenses") in micronized powder.
Very useful to dehydrate and heal the wounds caused by physical and biological causes, it is also of great convenience in preparing mixes of strong adhesiveness.