Dal Cin develops and markets its own specialities for a wide range of uses, with a focus on industrial consumption, in particular:
• natural calcium Bentonite and sodium activated Bentonite for multiple uses.
Filter materials for solid-liquid separation in the "oil" and "industrial filtration".
Agrospecialities with low environmental impact.
Dal Cin have been dealing with the bentonite since 1949. The manufacturing process takes place in the newest industrial plant located in Foggia where the raw material selected and quarried from the European mines arrives by sea.
Quality controls on the raw bentonite allow to decide the proper working process, and the best results in terms of activation and application are achieved.

Calcic Bentonite, perfect coformulant to give plasticity and cohesion to the mixtures:
binding additive for granulating plants
Additive with average suspending and thickening power, very useful for:
• colloidal binder for ceramic industry
• cohesive/binding additive for grinding wheel and abrasive paste
• formulating additive in detergents and hand cleaning creams
• technological adjuvant for agrochemicals and fertilizers
• additive to clarify foodgrade juices
Large range of swelling, thickening and agglomerating bentonite   widely used as:
• antipitch and absorbing additive (paper/cardboard)
• binder to manufacture pellets
• absorption of mycotoxins (feed industry)
• waterproof agent (building industry)
• thickener for powder and paste/gel formula (cosmetics)
paste/liquid cleaner and washing powder formulation
Special Bentonite of high purity and very fine particle size. "Bentonite micro" prevents the separation of the phases and the sedimentation of the components of the mixtures.
Calcic and sodic Bentonite, high rate montmorillonite, available in grains of different size. Easy to use and to dose, totally free from dust.

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