Wine and vinegar products for fermentation, filtration, fining and stabilization. Biotechnologies (yeasts, bacteria, enzymes) applied to food & beverage industry. Hygiene and disinfection for wine and vinegar production plants.
Dal Cin tannins, each with their properties, are versatile and essential in every phase. Beginning with grape and must protection, then the ageing process, up until the finishing touches before bottling.
Infinity Blu

Liquid tannin for grape must protection and red wine colour stability.

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Top-Tan CR

Stabilising agent of red wines colour, based on grape seed tannins.

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Tannex Flash

Tannin for the best stability of the colour extracted by proper enzymes during the red grape fermentation.

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Tanniferm Flash

Mix of tannins. It can be used since the beginning of vinification in order to preserve anthocyane molecules and enhance both mouth feel of final wine

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Tannirouge Flash

Tannin from quebracho, specific for red wines, with improving of organoleptic complexity and colour stability.

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Ellagic tannin. For antioxidant protection and musts and red wines fining.

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